To create a new Ukraine, future leaders must have a world-class education. Therefore, as part of its mission to empower future generations to be the change makers of tomorrow, since 2010, WorldWideStudies (WWS) scholarship program has been giving Ukraine's most promising students and young professionals access to the world's best 200 universities. In exchange, grantees commit to return to Ukraine and apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills for the benefit of their country for at least five years.
The community of WWS scholarship holders is a driver of change in Ukraine. WWS alumni are active in many fields, and their community is a network of smart, proactive, enthusiastic and enterprising individuals who are transforming Ukraine today.

Scholarships are awarded in spheres important to Ukraine's development, such as public administration, public law, technology and engineering, ecology, agriculture and alternative energy. Grants cover up to 60% of the total cost of a Master's program.
WorldWideStudies program is beyond studying abroad. This is also a community of like-minded people who make a change in various industries in Ukraine. This network allows one to leverage personal growth and career development right after the dynamic educational experience.
— Dmytro Klapushynskyi, WorldWideStudies Scholarship Holder 2019, Lund University
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