Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace
The Victor Pinchuk Foundation created and supports Ukraine's first and biggest philanthropic fundraising platform, the Philanthropic Marketplace ( In 2020 the name was changed to It links donors with charitable projects and people in need of help.

By December 2019, over 256 million hryvnias had been raised on UBB, to save lives and support philanthropic projects in numerous areas. More than 5,005 projects by 120 accredited NGOs have been supported via UBB.
UBB allows for transparent, accountable and convenient giving to thoroughly vetted NGOs and individual projects. It helped change the landscape of charity in Ukraine, where historic mistrust and the fear of fraud have prevented many from giving support beyond their family and circle of friends, and today brings together massive amounts of Ukrainians to help those who need it most.
When donating, we know that every dollar collected on the platform is channeled to its intended purpose. All the projects are checked and monitored.
— Alexey Akimov, Head of " Ideal Secrets" Company
Since its inception UBB has received multiple awards, such as "Best Charity Fund," "Innovations in Charity Award", "Most Effective and Helpful Philanthropic Project in Ukraine", "The most Transparent and Public Philanthropic Organization in Ukraine" and many others.
256 million hryvnia
raised with Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, (ca. 10 million USD)
5 005 projects
supported on platform
3 745 people
received targeted assistance through platform
452 units
of medical equipment provided by
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