Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (TBI), an international partner of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, has a mission to equip political leaders to build prosperous, open and inclusive societies.

The Institute works to reinvigorate the centre ground of politics, reframing debates and providing solutions to issues from extremism to the challenges presented by this unprecedented era of technological revolution. The Institute's work is necessarily bold, but it is practical too, offering a programme that is both radical and realistic: fully cognisant of the modern world and its present direction, and of the size of steps necessary to achieve the change we want to see.
We are at the beginning of a technological revolution as far reaching in its effects as the 19th-century Industrial Revolution. This is the big challenge facing governments, the economy and society over the coming two decades.
— Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007)
Since its inception in Ukraine, over 16,000 students in around 280 schools have benefitted from the Institute's innovative Generation Global program by learning the essentials of dialogue in the classroom. Around 5700 students also participated in 965 global video conferences TBI facilitated with other students around the world and has trained over 1053 teachers on the pedagogy of dialogue.
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