Open Ukraine Foundation
Arseniy Yatsenyuk Open Ukraine Foundation is an international, nonpartisan, philanthropic foundation, established in 2007. The main tasks of the Foundation are improving the international reputation of Ukraine, promoting international cooperation with Ukraine and public diplomacy, and empowering future generations.
Ukraine will not veer off the path towards EU and NATO integration. The Ukrainian people have demonstrated their will. We have power, confidence, faith, reason and an idea. And this means that we will succeed.
— Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Founder of the Open Ukraine Foundation, Prime Minister of Ukraine (2014-2016)
One of the main projects of the OUF is the Kyiv Security Forum. Held since 2007, it has become the foremost platform for high-level international discussion about peace and security. On April 11-12, 2019 the 12th Kyiv Security Forum "Restless Wave: the Strategic Choice of Ukraine and the West" gathered a record number of participants — over 1000 from over 20 countries. "The image of a "restless wave" is a reference to John McCain's book of the same name, whose legacy, and support for Ukraine in particular, we honored at the Forum.
Ever since Ukraine started resisting Russian aggression, NATO has been searching for a solution. Multinational battalions under the leadership of various European countries have been created… NATO can change along with realities.
— Alexander Vershbow, Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council
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