Cradles of Hope
In order to curb infant mortality in Ukraine, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has been developing its Cradles of Hope program since 2006, building a network of state-of-the-art neonatal centres based in existing state hospitals throughout Ukraine. The Foundation provides high-tech medical equipment, training for doctors and nurses, IT networks and constant technical support.
Since the program's launch, 35 centres have been equipped and 1,645 healthcare professionals from all regions of Ukraine have been trained. 52,528 infants have been saved thanks to the program and USD 13.72 million has been invested into Cradles of Hope by the Foundation.
The cutting edge medical equipment that we have received from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation enables us to provide the high quality breathing and infusion therapy at the neonatal intensive care unit, it contributes to the best nursing of preterm babies with extremely low weight and reduces the perinatal, early neonatal and infant mortality rate.
— Iryna Horavska, the Head of the Volyn Regional Perinatal Centre
In 2019, the Foundation opened a new Cradles of Hope centre in Lutsk and held its Annual Neonatal Conference, where leading international specialists in neonatology from the USA, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and United Kingdom shared their expertise with 170 neonatologists and nurses from all over Ukraine.
35 Cradles of Hope
neonatal centers equipped all over Ukraine
52 528 babies
saved in Cradles of Hope centers
1 645 medical workers
trained by Cradles of Hope program
1 492 units
of modern medical equipment provided by Cradles of Hope program
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